Smokin gunsQuake3 in the wild west! A must-see for every fan of the classical dusty duel and saloon shootings!
Considered on the technical way it is not the very best, but anyway its great fun! Not the best, but one of the good lan games.


Name: Smokin’ Guns Fun: 7 / 10
Typ: Shooter Graphics: 4 / 10
Freeware: yes – HERE Sound: 4 / 10
Player: 16 Hardware: low 500 MHz


Quake3 in the wild west! A must-see for every fan of the classical dusty duel and saloon shootings!
Considered on the technical way it is not the very best, but anyway its great fun!
12:00 o’clock afternoon. The main street is deserted. One desiccated bush is flying across.
There are some scared habitants looking right to the happening from the saloon. One desolate gunslinger is coming out of a cloud of dust and is looking at his combatant without any move. For some minutes both are standing motionless compared to each other. Abruptly, there is a shoot. Both combatants are standing with drawn pistole. Who’s gonna fall down ?
Anyone who likes those scenes, anyone who is a fan of the wild west genre, will love this game!
Smokin’ Guns is using the similar Quake3 engine. From there it is graphically more restrained.
But thats no problem, the atmosphere is instead much more terrific! The single-player mode offers all of the game modes with bots for training. Like we know from other games, those bots are not blessed with advanced intelligence.
Anyway, thats boring as well. There a lot of dun in the multiplayer mode, weather in the internet or  in lan. In the classical deathmatch in Gulch Creek you can find bar fights in the saloon, only one single Cowboy has barricaded himself with his gun on the balcony. Classical weapons, cool maps not only for the wild west fans! In other modes you can rob or defend a bank and you can be the last one who survived the shooting! The most fun comes from the duel mode. Who is drawing faster ? Who aimes better? For gratification for won combats you can access a buying menu at any time you want.
There you can buy lots of classical weapons to the point of the Gatling Gun!

All in all it is technical not the best, but for those who can do without shade and antialiasing will have a lot of fun! Especially those who are drawing faster than their own shadow 🙂


3dHail to the King, Baby! – 1996 released its still one of the coolest Computergame ever! The LAN Mode offers Deathmatch and a great COOP Mode.

Enjoy the short tutorial for playing Duke as network game….


How do i play Duke 3d witht Windows (2000/XP):

I tried to make this tutorial very simple:

Its very easy to play Duke, we use a opensource “port” to play the game with Windows. Everything you need is the DUKE3D.GRP (from the original CD), this file contains the gameplot.

So at all we need two files:

– DUKE3D.GRP (from the original Duke3D CD)
– Install file from JonoF’s Duke Nukem 3D Port (JFDuke3D) DOWNLOAD HERE (only 800KB freeware)

I dont have a Duke3D.grp file?:

If you dont have a Duke3D CD you can try it with the shareware. (SHAREWARE)

1. Step:

Execute the downloaded file (from JFDuke3D) and install it (its a standard Setup).

2. Step:

Activate the checkbox “execute GRP Installer” and finish the setup. Choose your DUKE3D.GRP at the popupwindow and click “next”. Thats all, the good old Duke3D is installed!



Here you can make your game-settings, change your video resolution and (very important) choose your sound!
Save the settings and now you can start the game with:

(START -> PROGRAMS -> JFDuke3D -> JFDuke3D

So ….”What are you waitung for…!”